About Anatoly Vanetik

Anatoly Vanetik is a businessman and venture capitalist that brings years of experience through his work creating and investing in international business ventures. Anatoly has worked primarily in the oil and gas industries, where he focused on the legality and licensing that would eventually support global deals in mining/exploration of natural resources in countries like Kazakhstan and others in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). He also previously funded two companies, proprietary lubricant manufacturing company Poladyne Corporation and engineering firm Componex Corporation.

Anatoly Vanetik, who also goes by Tony, has had an entrepreneurial mind for as long as he can remember. He also founded Vanetik and Associates, the venture and consulting firm that he runs to this day. Based in California, the firm focuses on financing for the resource sector, including oil, gas, energy, chemicals and lubrication products. In his role, Anatoly oversees the company as a whole, and providing decisions that will help the company to continue to grow and prosper.

Anatoly Vanetik attended Kiev University, where he studied Mechanical Engineering and earned his Master of Science Degree. His education and experience allowed Anatoly to become known as a leader in his industry. Anatoly was even named Businessman of the Year by Business in the Former USSR Magazine.

Outside of work and his entrepreneurial past, Anatoly Vanetik has passions for both art and philanthropy. His passion for art ranges from classic seventeenth-century paintings to modern photography of nature. Whenever he can, Tony enjoys reading about the history of art broken down into eras and periods, gaining a deeper understanding of the cultural appreciation that humans have for works of art. Throughout the years, he has remained committed to learning about the different art time periods, in order to gain the strongest understanding as possible. 

Anatoly Vanetik also has a strong passion for animals, dedicating his time to helping animals find homes and ensuring that dogs in the area are safe, happy and healthy. Some of his favorite organizations for animal welfare include the ASPCA and the American Humane, because of their continued commitment to helping animals. Anatoly has his own dog, Maks, that he brings with to nearly every adventure. The two have formed an unbreakable bond, driving Anatoly to remain an active supporter of animal welfare.

Although Anatoly Vanetik is not a professional writer, blogger or anything of those sorts, he takes great pride in his opportunities to write about subjects he knows and loves.

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