Life in the Age of Bats

The term, Postmodernism, as a general theory for a historical movement was first used in 1939 by the historian and philosopher Arnold J. Toynbee when he said, “Our own Postmodern Age has been inaugurated by the general war of 1914-1918.” Post Modernism, to the layman, is almost as difficult to understand as Quantum Physics. This is primarily because they both are highly contextual. To fully understand Quantum Physics, one must have a very deep knowledge of mathematics and to fully understand Postmodernism, one must have a very deep understanding of the history of philosophy.  I hope to offer at least a slight understand here.

Following the Industrial Revolution architectural feats across Europe and the United States were executed to mind-altering effect. The Crystal Palace in England, with its exclusively glass and iron composition, shattered previous notions of structure in 1851. With 300,000 panes of glass, covering 990,000 square feet, it…

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