Michelangelo, PIETÀ

A very interesting subject; I like seeing the many interpretations from different artists

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Michelangelo, Pietà

  • 1500. Marble, height 1.74 m. St. Peter’s, Vatican, Rome.
  • High Renaissance
  • Michelangelo’s Pietà is one of the cornerstones of the High Renaissance. It is a powerful piece showing Virgin Mary supporting a dead Jesus in her lap. The technical skilled displayed by Michelangelo in sculpting the Pietà is proof of the mastery the artist developed in that area. The Pietà is also an example of how very important the artist himself had become during the Renaissance thanks to Humanism. Michelangelo, after someone had questioned the origin on the sculpture, went and carved “Michelangelo did this” across Mary’s chest to make sure that everyone knew.

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